Holistic Medicine for Self-Healing of Your Mind, Body & Soul

Tap into your body's innate intelligence & natural capacity to heal by learning how to live in alignment with nature.

Are You Ready to Finally Feel Better & Like Yourself Again? 

Dr. KT is here to help you identify the root cause of your chronic dis-ease so that you have a personalized healing plan created to purify your mind and body for optimal quality of life and spiritual development.

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My Promise to You

I know how overwhelming it is to begin your healing journey and to know exactly what your biological and energetic needs are. There are so many solutions, but which of those are the best ones for your mind, body, and soul?

If you are searching for proven methods that identify and address the root cause of your chronic pain and dis-ease using natural and holistic methods, I am here to help.

My approach to health and wellness combines the thousands of years of Ayurveda Medicine and Yoga science with modern medicine of Physical Therapy and Functional Medicine for a holistic and integrative experience. I guide you on how to work with herbs and nature to generate true healing.

I will be there with you every step of the way as we work together to create and facilitate a healing plan specifically designed to help you reclaim your ideal vision of vibrant health to build the foundation for your spiritual development and self-realization.

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hands heart healing plant


Support natural drainage and detoxification pathways by harmonizing lifestyle with nature, wholesome nutrition, herbs, and movement. 

Personalized holistic healing


Through a systemized and in-depth evaluation, a customized healing plan is created for you based on your biological and energetic individuality.


Establish behaviors and habits that align with your heart or Soul to naturally uplift your internal and external environments for optimal health.

Heal Through Nutrition and Consciousness: Help Your Body Naturally Heal Itself

Time proven strategies to enhance the health of your mind and body that cultivate spiritual development.

quote Lao Tzu

Cultivate Sattva to Unveil Your True Self

My Philosophy

You are a whole being - Mind, Body, and Soul - that requires a holistic approach to truly heal from chronic illnesses, pain, and physical or emotional trauma.

I understand healing, health, and wellness is rooted in the foundational relationship you have with yourself, nature, and those around you. Simple lifestyle practices and habits aligning with nature, herbs, and the natural rhythms of life to cultivate purity or Sattva in your Mind, Body, & Soul for true spiritual growth.

My Offerings

tree of life


Identify and address the root cause of your chronic dis-ease with a systems biological approach integrated with Ayurveda to uplift and purifying the terrain of your mind and body.


body mind soul balance


Effectively relieve pain, improve mobility, and prevent future injury while generating cellular healing by addressing your dysfunctional movements and neuromuscular pathways.


ayurveda yoga functional mobility training


Develop and enhance embodiment of your mind and body through neuromuscular training or with Ayurveda Yoga to preserve the health of your tissues and to enhance prana or energy flow.



When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is right, medicine is of no need.

Ancient Ayurveda Proverb


Energized Person


Excess toxins stagnant in your mind and body lead to sluggishness. Eliminate them for higher levels of energy and cognition.

Reduce Inflammation


Whole foods paired with herbs and spices hold higher levels of nutrients. Turn food into medicine to naturally reduce inflammation and pain.

Holistic Natural Immunity Solar Plexus


Proper support for your lymphatic, nervous, and digestive systems promote natural detoxification strengthening your immune system.

Improve Mood Mindset Mental Health


Eliminate toxins and free radicals while balancing the terrain of your mind and body to improve your mental and emotional state.

Here's what patient's are saying....

"Dr. KT is very knowledgeable and capable in the areas of human performance and optimized health. My sessions with her gave me confidence in my body's ability to recover from injury. Her coaching and instruction gives me strength to follow-through to achieve the results I desire."
Digestive Gut Health Healing


Remove toxins that interfere with proper metabolic function while developing healthier habits that naturally promote normal digestion.

Healthy Joints


Diet and environmental toxins impact the health of your joints. Remove them to improve the health and mobility of your joints.

Chakra Meditation


Cultivate a deeper connections with your soul, others, and higher states of consciousness through discipline for high moral character and values.

Yoga Mobility Flexibility


Enhance your mobility by improving your mind-body connection to improve the health of your tissues and joints to prevent future injury.

Your Health is Your Greatest Wealth

Invest in your health and future self by learning how to naturally balancing the terrain of your Mind and Body using herbs, lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and breath to generate self-healing & spiritual growth with my integrative approach to holistic and natural health.

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About Me
I truly love being a human alive on this planet. The natural rhythms of our cosmic universe inspire me to live in alignment with nature and the natural rhythms of life to cultivate an embodied awareness to the natural energies around us.

I have committed my life and career to discovering the secrets to optimal health and wellbeing from a holistic, natural, and sustainable perspective to reverse the state of dis-ease in the mind and body, to age gracefully, and for spiritual liberation.

I am a human being practicing holistic medicine as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Kripalu Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility specialist to create an integrative healing experience to identify and address the root cause to your dis-ease. To learn more about my educational and clinical background click here.

Currently I am studying with Ayurved Sadhana to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner to further deepen my clinical, herbal and energy medicine practice. My goal is to integrate Ayurveda Medicine with modern holistic medicine to provide you with the greatest potential for self-healing, self-realization, and self-liberation.

I look forward to guiding you on your self-healing journey and being there with you each step of the way witnessing the magic unfold as you align with nature.

Holistic Insights for Cultivating Sattva to Support Your Healing Journey & Spiritual Development

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